Three types of ambiguity - jokes with footnotes [1]

A trio of jokes from psychology, philosophy, and linguistics

Some jokes benefit from footnotes.

That may not be true of these, but I’m going to provide them anyway.

When I found in quick-ish succession a good psychology joke and a good philosophy joke, I thought of looking for a physiology joke to complete the PPP hat trick - but found that PPP has been replaced by PPL, so here we go…

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Scrabble: not a game of language?

“Scrabble isn’t a word game. It’s an area-control game with 150,000 rules to define legal placement for your resources. Some of those rules have mnemonics in the form of words you know.”

The origin of this fair description of Scrabble is traced in a recent Hacker News discussion of the game, prompted by Oliver Roeder’s 2022 article On the Insanity of Being a Scrabble Enthusiast.

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